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Aurora Southern Highlands Steiner School NSW

Aurora provides an innovative and inspiring Steiner education in the Southern Highlands from Early Childhood to Year 8. Visit our school to find out why Steiner education is right for your child.

Aurora's response to Covid-19

Return to full-time schooling
Following the Premier’s announcement, we followed her advice and returned to full-time schooling on Monday 25th May for all students. To ensure health and safety for all, there are a few simple adjustments to our routines and processes that will be important for all of us to uphold. We will continue to monitor the situation and adapt to changes in advice from experts, as well as self-identified areas of improvement where we may alter some of our processes internally.

We acknowledge and appreciate the efforts that parents have made to support both the school and their children’s learning from home. On Monday 25th May, the at-home learning program ended and we have resumed face-to-face delivery of the curriculum. This single mode of teaching will ensure a sustainable workload for staff.

Real education

Give your child a real education: an enriched, innovative and academically challenging education that’s based on 100 years of proven outcomes

For the real world

Equip your child for the real world, with confidence, initiative and resilience. They will learn to be collaborators, innovators and creative thinkers, able to take on any challenge

Through real attention

Our teachers give your child real attention by engaging with their emotional development as much as their academic needs.