Thank you for your interest in Aurora Southern Highlands Steiner School, and we hope that as you connect with us, you will find a place that is more than just a school!

What’s unique about this place is the positive, enlivening atmosphere. It’s empowering to everybody and I can see the benefit to the children every day. I see myself as a facilitator, linking the wider community to the Aurora community. I work to ensure the success and longevity of the school so it can continue to provide what the community needs.

Melissa Savill, Principal

At Aurora Steiner, we’re committed to bringing healthy, purposeful education for today’s world, and challenging every student to continually improve. Our community is strong and creative – leading the way down a new path into an unknown future. We innovate new ways of doing things and listen with open minds and hearts to those we encounter. We are determined to be a catalyst for the change that is needed, bringing peace and humanity to future generations through our work with these children every day. 

Our rich learning program includes specialist classes in music, movement, creative arts and foreign languages. In addition to dedicated class teachers, we have our learning support staff, classroom assistants, subject specialists, and support staff working across all areas of the school. There are so many wonderful people that make up the Aurora team, all incredibly committed to the education and care of our children. We pride ourselves on meeting the individual needs of our students, with a dedication to a deep understanding child development.