Dear Aurora Families,

A warm welcome to all our new and returning students and to all the new families joining the community this year! This term we are welcoming 37 new students across the school, with new students in all classes. 

We are set for a vibrant year with loads of exciting things happening for both students and parents. New programs are being introduced, single stream classes will provide new opportunities, and the parent education and interest groups have a full schedule!

Each year staff choose a particular focus to bring to their consciousness. This year we are focussing on generosity, gratitude and kindness. The Early Childhood team are also adding imagination and calmness. What we’ve taken away from the events of 2020 is the need for a renewal of generosity and kindness: Taking time to notice kindness when it occurs, remembering to be grateful for what we have and what is going well, and striving to be kind and generous towards others. If we can do these things then, we as a community and the students in particular, will thrive. 

Thank you for being part of this school! 

Warm Regards,

Melissa Savill