Aurora offers a Steiner education, an innovative approach in tune with students' developmental needs.

Real Education

We provide a living, inspired learning environment, designed to strengthen your child’s intellectual, emotional and physical development.
When you step into one of our classrooms, you’ll notice something quite unusual. It’s joy. There’s a real, palpable joy in the faces of the students – a joy in learning, in discovering, in creating.
There’s a real enthusiasm, from both the teacher and students.
You’ll see teachers encouraging and inspiring the students, guiding them in effective collaboration and communication, helping them immerse themselves in each subject with curiosity and wonder.
You’re unlikely to see the students sitting in rows of desks. We take a wholistic and experiential approach to learning, which means the students physically and emotionally engage in every lesson and every tasks. Students are encouraged to approach each task with imagination and creativity; bringing their whole selves to the lesson.
You might find the students anywhere in our beautiful rural campus, integrating their learning through real life experience in the kitchen garden, bushland, or our beautiful, natural grounds.

At Aurora, your child will learn how to learn – a skill they’ll need their whole lives. They’ll learn how to respond to life’s challenges, how to question, how to solve problems, how to create new ideas and solutions, how to go confidently into the world with compassion, creativity and conscience.

Academic strength

We teach an enriched curriculum which extends beyond the normal academic standards. As well as the standard NSW State Curriculum, there’s a strong focus on the creative arts. Art, music, dancing and artisanal crafts are integrated throughout the day.
The Steiner curriculum is approved by the NSW Board of Studies. Aurora Steiner School has not only been approved and registered by the Board of Studies, but has been awarded the maximum registration period of five years – proof of their confidence in Aurora’s academic rigour.

Real attention

At Aurora, our teachers are more than instructors who follow a curriculum. They are your children’s guide and mentor. Teachers teach the whole child: this means teachers don’t just look at your child’s academic ability. Teachers seek out each child’s uniqueness – their imagination, creativity, empathy, curiosity, their spirituality, their sense of adventure – and then they work to nurture and develop your child’s talents. With caring, inspiring teachers and unparalleled student: teacher ratios, your child will have the attention, space and care they need to grow to achieve their full potential.

Real belonging

We give your child real belonging – a vibrant, warm and inspirational school community committed to inclusivity, empathy and respect.
Our small class sizes mean your child will feel a real sense of acceptance and belonging. Our approach is all about inclusion – teaching empathy and emotional intelligence, teaching children to respect differences and celebrate each person’s uniqueness.
And, as a parent or carer, you will become a part of our loving, welcoming and diverse school community. Our community is made up of a passionate group of parents, grandparents, teachers and Southern Highlands locals, who come together regularly to support each other, the children and the school.
Parents and carers have the opportunity to be involved in a myriad of school activities, including craft sessions, and optional parent-child activities on Friday afternoons. Your own unique skills, talents and contributions will be welcomed by our community.

Ready for the real world

While Aurora discourages the use of digital technology in the early years, Steiner graduates are prepared for tomorrow’s world. Quick to adapt and learn, they are able to learn new technologies and respond to changes with confidence. They are innovators, with the creative, out-of-the-box thinking so prized by the broader community.
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Our history

Aurora Southern Highlands Steiner School was built from the ground up by a passionate community of Southern Highlands parents, teachers and locals.
In 2007, a determined group of people, each with a strong belief in the benefits of Steiner education, formed the Southern Highlands Association for Steiner Education (SHASE). The aim of SHASE was to cultivate, nourish and promote Steiner education in the Southern Highlands.
In early 2012, the SHASE Board applied for registration to run a Steiner kindergarten in the Southern Highlands in 2013. The Board of Studies application was accepted in September 2012, and by December we had selected the interim name for our school as Southern Highlands Rudolf Steiner School and employed our wonderful teachers.
In January 2013, after much preparation, anticipation, and jubilation, we opened our doors to eight wide-eyed and reverent children.
The Southern Highlands has a proud history of Steiner education. A different Steiner school flourished in Bowral until 2007. The Bowral Rudolph Steiner School provided a comprehensive education from Kindergarten to Year 10.

Quotes and testimonials from parents