Primary School

Year 1 to Year 6 for children aged 7-12

Aurora offers an integrated, interdisciplinary curriculum for Primary school.
Our academically rigorous curriculum is integrated with creative arts and personal development. This means academic subjects are presented imaginatively, to engage the whole-hearted participation of the students: physically, cognitively and emotionally.
Each lesson incorporates movement, supported by music, poetry and visual arts, along with the traditional skills of writing, reading and mathematics.
In any week, your child will learn literacy, mathematics, music, speech and drama, languages, physical education, visual arts, eurythmy, artisan handicraft and social and emotional skills.

Caring, innovative teachers

The class teacher is a trained Steiner teacher as well as a State qualified teacher. A deep and caring relationship and understanding is fostered between the child, the teacher and the class as a whole.
The teacher brings each part of the curriculum at the right stage in the children’s development to meet and satisfy their inner needs. The teacher’s task is to bring to the child all the subjects in a living way, involving the whole child in the learning process.
The educational aim is to stimulate students’ curiosity, imagination and interest in the world; to foster a balanced feeling for life, to develop a sense of morality, service and strength of will. This encourages each child to grow in confidence, imagination and initiative.
Each day begins with the Main Lesson, a two-hour period when a core subject is taught, experienced and worked with for a block of time, usually three to four weeks.

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Children aged 4-7

Our Kindergarten lays the foundations for learning, and for life.
In an atmosphere of love and warmth, children are encouraged to learn through a sense of wonder, imagination and exploration.
The Kindergarten day is purposefully based around a natural rhythm, including free play, structured activities such as arts, crafts, food preparation, ring-time and story-time, and outside time for climbing, running and experiencing the changing seasons and elements.
In our country campus, with its own kitchen garden and space to run and climb, your child’s school day is filled with play and adventure.
Children engage in real life experiences, learning through active involvement. They climb trees, they go for bushwalks, they bake bread, they grow and cook vegetables, they play instruments, they dance, they make crafts, they organise festivals – all as part of their day’s learning.
Aurora caters for Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten aged children in a combined class. This 'family' group of mixed age gives the opportunity for older children to care for and lead the younger children and allows the younger children to engage socially with older children and learn with them.

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