The Southern Highlands Association for Steiner Education (SHASE) was formed to cultivate, nourish and promote Steiner Education in the Southern Highlands.

Our goals

The Association is established for the object of operating a Rudolf Steiner co-educational Primary school for children, irrespective of their social, religious or cultural background which:

  • provides a living, inspired learning environment, which strives to foster the qualities of goodness, beauty and truth through the research and implementation of the principles in the educational approach of Rudolf Steiner
  • develops progressive social and cultural forms through nourishing the physical, soul and spiritual aspects of the community life of the school
  • strives for a respectful, safe and loving environment between all who work and learn at the school

Statement of Purpose

As one of over 1000 Steiner/Waldorf schools throughout the world, Aurora is a small school offering a big-hearted education full of nourishment for the whole child.

Our approach, inspired by the indications of Dr Rudolf Steiner, actively engages the senses with real life experience, learning through the head, heart and hands.

We are a school that upholds a respect and reverence for the natural world. We celebrate the Australian seasons, grow food in our garden and explore the beauty of our local area.

We are a school of spirit, welcoming families into our community with open arms and open hearts. We value kindness and compassion and we seek to create an environment that fosters healthy social relationships.

An education at Aurora builds a strong academic foundation. We provide a rich, engaging environment where students learn concepts and skills at a time that is developmentally appropriate. The attributes of curiosity, creativity and capacity are nurtured, ensuring our children are equipped for today’s world as morally responsible global citizens.

Our History

Aurora Steiner School was built from the ground up by a passionate community of Southern Highlands parents, teachers and locals.
In 2007, a determined group of people, each with a strong belief in the benefits of Steiner education formed the Southern Highlands Association for Steiner Education (SHASE). The aim of SHASE was to cultivate, nourish and promote Steiner Education in the Southern Highlands.
In early 2012, the SHASE Board applied for registration to run a Steiner Kindergarten in the Southern Highlands in 2013. The Board of Studies application was accepted in September 2012, and by December we had selected the interim name for our school as Southern Highlands Rudolf Steiner School and employed our wonderful teachers.
In January 2013, after countless preparation, anticipation, and jubilation, we opened our doors to eight wide-eyed and reverent children.
The Southern Highlands has a proud history of Steiner education. A different Steiner school flourished in Bowral until 2007. The Bowral Rudolph Steiner School provided a comprehensive education from Kindergarten to Year 10.

Our Staff